Monday, March 9, 2009

A big thank you to Steve Leonard Taylor

Steve is a good friend of mine. I know this because at Christmas he gave me a fully loaded $50 gift card for HMV. Then on my birthday he gave me another fully loaded $50 gift card for BMV. Maybe for Easter he'll pick up my licence plate registration at the DMV.... but then there's no such place in Ontario.

But seriously Steve, thank you for getting me started on launching my online presence as an actor. This is a monumental first step in relaunching my acting pursuits. With wizard-like focus you deftly connected me to all things cyber-space in the span of mere minutes and with nary a wasted click. This is truly going to be a great motivational tool. I owe you a big one buddy.

The next gift card is on about $50 worth of .WMV files?! What can I say? You used up all the good MV's on me. That's all I got left.

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