Monday, May 17, 2010

Improv 101

Count me in. I had my first class this evening at ITC in the Yellow room with Chris Besler. Chris is an awesome instructor. In one of our exercise we had to say things we loved for 45 seconds. I can now add Chris Besler to my list. I am so glad to be in this group. We have a terrific group of players that are all very giving. I look forward to developing along with everyone else. It definitely feels like this is long over due.

Tonight we began with a focus exercise of sending a clap to a person in the circle and continuing the phrase, zip-zap-zop. Then we threw an imaginary dagger at someone accompanied with a great yell. We built this up until we had three daggers going at once. The object was to establish eye contact.

We followed this with the name game. This was a terrific exercise where the group decided what your name rhyme or slogan would be accompanied with an action and performance tone. I was christened, "Malcolm, Triple X" with the motion of crossing your arms in front of you over your crotch, in the tone of some G-boy. I don't know how this group of budding improv-ers knew me so well.

Our main exercise was the panel of experts. where four of us would take turns being a group of experts in a subject that was invented in the moment by the group suggesting two words, a noun and a verb. I got "Magic Thong" where in I was cast as the model of these magic thongs. They became weight loss thongs. To which I added that there was an invisible string that sucked the fat from inside and bundled it into your sexual area.

It was a terrific class with a great group. Definitely the right direction for me as I'm discovering it's all inter-connected: Stand-up, improv, sketch, etc. And of course my baseline being acting. It's fun to bring that work into this environment.

Looking forward to the classes ahead.

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